New Musical Discoveries August 12: Sly Withers, The Tyne, Elizabeth and more

This week we added ten more tracks to our Discovery playlist on Spotify and Apple Music. Our track of the week is Perth indie-punk band ‘Radio’ Sneaky Tourniquet. In a big week for the band, they released this pearlescent track, announced that their next album, Too developed will be released on October 28 and will also hit the road for a national tour in November. “Radio” has a nostalgic garage rock feel, with big choruses, heart-rending guitars, and driving drums with frenetic, upbeat energy.

“Demons” is the latest single from the British pop punk band The Tyne. It comes from their recently released and highly anticipated debut EP born on the internet. With a catchy chorus and a relevant and timely message about mental health, the track effortlessly combines loud electronic elements with the band’s signature punk pop guitars. Great stuff.

Lowering the volume a little but no less intense is Elizabeth, with “Sweet Connection”, where the protagonist reflects on the thrill of a sweaty date with a new lover, pondering what is to come. It was co-written and produced by Alice Ivy.

Handyman rock musician from Melbourne Honest Dan just released their first EP. “Waiting For A Message” is the lead track on this release. Influenced by pysch rock and funk, the song offers the listener fuzzy grooves, washed-out lo-fi soundscapes and more. A few memorable minutes, there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Singer-songwriter josh needss continues to impress, this time with the emotional “Smoke + Mirrors”, the latest track to be released from his debut EP, foul line which also fell this week. If you’re in Sydney, you can catch him at The Great Club on August 18 as he drops the EP.

The Sunshine Coast singer-songwriter’s latest single Calan May shows how huge its potential is. If you’re not dancing to the subtly heavy lyrics, you’re driving down the highway with the windows down and sunglasses. Meanwhile, English pop favorite Orange Rex County blesses us with another catchy track just months after his last album WE DO NOT CARE. The upbeat, melodic hit deals with the pains of love in a lighthearted way that will keep you moving from start to finish.

Finally, we have two exclusive premieres this week, “How Could I Let You Love Me” from Jarryand “Reverie”, the title track from the debut LP of Andy Martin.

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Here’s the full list of this week’s additions:

Sneaky Tourniquet “Radio”
The Tyne “DEMONS”
Elizabeth “Sweet Connection”
close “bedroom”
Honest Dan “Waiting for a message”
josh needs “Smoke + Mirrors”
Calan May “Artificial Lake”
Rex Country Orange “Threatens”
Jarry “How Could I Let You Love Me” [Exclusive Single Premiere]Andy Martin “Reverie” [Exclusive Album Premiere]

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