Nintendo fan designs custom Metroid Dread Switch console

A talented Metroid fan creates his own model of a Nintendo Switch OLED, the design being based on EMMI from Metroid Dread.

Custom video game hardware designs have proven to be popular among gamers. After all, the ability to give a video game accessory or console a nice, media-inspired coat of paint is a real feast for the eyes. This can be seen with custom controllers like Xbox’s collaboration with Space jam. However, many creative and cool designs are seen when fans come up with custom consoles. A fan decided to come up with a new design for the Nintendo Switch OLED, based on Terror Metroid, the last game in the franchise.

The latest addition to the Switch console family, the Nintendo Switch OLED is a new model that contains some improvements over the original. These upgrades include a new OLED display, more internal storage, and an Ethernet port. With Nintendo’s ever-popular console releasing a new model on the exact same day as Terror Metroid, a fan decided to create a hypothetical Special Edition of the console with a design based on Samus’ upcoming adventure.

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Posted on Reddit by user willierthanyou, the design is notably inspired by that of Samus new nemesis EMMI. The mechanical white and red color scheme combined with the EMMI’s stencil on the dock sculpt a terrifying image, with its claw hovering above the Switch logo. The mechanical nature of the EMMI is further reflected in the design of the joy-con controllers, retaining the white and red color scheme. The joystick control levers are red in color, while the throttle body is white with a cross pattern where the throttles are located.

Fans on the subreddit praised the Switch’s unique design, noting that it could be featured as an official Nintendo design. Others said the design itself will make them buy the OLED model right away. Compliments were given to the brilliantly designed dock, with praise centered on the color palette and clever use of EMMI. Other fans noted that this was a missed opportunity that Nintendo itself did not create a Nintendo Switch Special Edition for Terror Metroid, given the hype behind it and the new model coming out the same day.

Considering some of the new features offered by the updated model, Terror Metroid should benefit from the capabilities of the OLED Switch. The excitement behind this game was felt when it was first revealed at E3, and designs like this show just how excited fans are for Samus’ next adventure. With the conclusion of the current arc of the Metroid series around the corner, many are curious to see what happens when EMMI and Samus go head-to-head.

Terror Metroid launches October 8, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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