Oppo has filed over 61,000 patents, 89% of which are invention patents

Earlier today (April 26, 2021), Oppo revealed on its World Intellectual Property Day that it had filed more than 61,000 patents worldwide as of March 31, 2021. Of that high figure, 89% of between them were invention patents.

According to a It is the house report, 54,000 of the total figures are patents. The Chinese tech giant also said it will continue to increase investment and layout in various areas to create a better technology experience for users in the future. At present, the company has six research institutes and five research and development centers around the world.

A number of these applications were also related to cell phone camera lenses. These also included video tracking and 94 patents for imaging systems. Recently, the company even patented a mobile game controller that even had earphone storage compartments. Likewise, the brand has also patented designs for a detachable design that resemble the Microsoft Surface Book.


For those who don’t know, patents are an important part of the business of any tech giant, as each OEM tries to innovate or design new, unique and distinct products for the mass market. Although 61,000 patents are still an impressive figure.



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