Parent Hacks – Take a picture of your kids before you get out of the car

Do you panic about losing your children when you visit a public place? Places like fairs, bustling malls or a family trip to an amusement park?

The real question is, are you even a parent if you don’t panic about these things?

I am that parent, the one who panics that my children will be kidnapped before my eyes. So, I would like to share a little parenting advice that I have been doing for years.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination and everyone is out of your car, place your children next to your vehicle and have their photos taken. Make sure you can see their entire outfit, from their shoes to their hair color and style.

Why do you need an image that shows them from head to toe?

Well, if you and your child are ever separated, the first safety question you will have is what your child is wearing. This whole body image will make it easier for you as a panicked parent in an already stressful situation. Instead of explaining in detail what your child looks and wears, you can show the photo to the authorities, and that will mean they will spend more time looking for a child they already know looks like.

So, don’t forget when you head to your next family outing or vacation to take the extra 10 seconds and snap a picture of your child.

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