Parsec Labs launches free discovery tool for all businesses

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Originally designed for large enterprises, but now available to everyone as of October 19, 2022, is Parsec Lab’s free discovery tool. The tool is the first level of products for the new innovative enterprise. The free discovery tool can analyze tens of thousands of files per second and create a detailed report of total number of files, total number of directories, number of files in directories, average file size and more usefully, the median file size, as well as the total size of all mounts in a network filer. This tool will export reports in json, xml, csv and html format.

“We designed this product to handle the largest data centers in the world,” said Mark Clark, CEO of Parsec Labs. “Now we want to bring the same scale and peace of mind to the rest of the world. Why not price by amount of data like everyone else? Because this model will eat you up with unforeseen expenses, and then we will have to become a billing company instead of a software company. Our data protection and transfer rates are based on the number of concurrent workers. Each worker performs a “job”, and this job performs an action on the mounts/shares of your network/buckets.”

Other license packages offered by Parsec Labs include Fail-Safe Data Protection™ (S3 Mobility + full restore for enterprise filers), S3 Mobility (includes file-to-cloud, cloud-to-file, cloud-to-cloud replication, and validated migrations to S3), Enterprise Data Mobility (includes validated migration, fast copy, replication and third-party data verification), Parsec Complete (full data independence) and Insight to Data (consolidated view of single or multiple registrants Total data, data age, data type).

“Parsec Labs is designed exclusively to help customers who want to protect and mobilize data stored on network storage devices (NFS/SMB/S3),” Clark added. “We also provide fast offline block transfers (iSCSi, NVME-TCP). Fiber Channel is only available in our hardware appliances.”

License packs are delivered to virtual or physical appliances. Download from their newly launched website, set network connections and use their discovery tool for free. When you’re ready to buy, just register and license your device. For more information, please contact Parsec Labs online for order forms and special pricing inquiries.

About Parsec Laboratories

Parsec offers customers unprecedented insight and control over their own data, with vendor-neutral capabilities that span all on-premises storage platforms and cloud/multi-cloud vendors. Used in some of the largest data centers in the industry, Parsec offers unparalleled scalability combined with the ease of use necessary to be the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit

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Image 1: Parsec Lab Free Discovery Tool

This function can analyze tens of thousands of files per second and create a detailed report on the total number of files per share and more.

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