Persona 5 Royal: All Palaces, Ranked

Persona 5 is one of the greatest JRPGs of all time. One of the highlights of this game is the uniquely designed palaces you explore throughout the story. Each palace has a very unique theme, with creative puzzles to keep players interested throughout such a long game.

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Each palace is themed around the warped desires of the ruler of the palace. It takes places from the real world and alters them based on how the leader sees the world and the people around them. Here are all the palaces ranked from worst to best.


9 Okumura Palace

This palace is infamous for being incredibly long and tedious. It diverts many people from the game near the final stages of the game. Its space station theme is very creative and the design is amazing. This palace also introduces the last new party member to the base game, being the first time you’ve had all eight party members together.

This palace is incredibly long to go through, and it takes a lot of exploring to complete menial tasks to get keycards to move on to the next area. The airlock-themed maze has you going back and forth through a section trying to figure out which buttons open with pathways and takes a lot longer than it should.

8 MemoriesPlayer Incoming Memeontos

A large part of Mementos is a rearrange map that you explore on the Morgana bus throughout the game. It has many floors that you must reach by the end of the game and it is the only open palace throughout the game. .


Possibly expanding and being the last dungeon in the base game, but there is little design beyond the prison theme. Floor puzzles quickly become tedious and occur more times than they should.

seven Kaneshiro PalaceKaneshiro's bank hovering over the city

Nothing screams being a thief like robbing a bank, and this palace is just that. The design doesn’t go much beyond a bank in terms of warp, but getting codes and breaking into the center vault makes for an interesting palace.

There’s a lot of backtracking, and the lack of change beyond the halls of a bank makes it repetitive. The first code entered looked like a fun addition to the bank, but having to jump between your menu and enter the code isn’t the best.

6 Madarame PalacePlayer and group standing in front of Madarame Palace painting

Heisting a museum followed by a perfect heist in the style of Ocean’s 11 is an incredible second palace. This palace also correctly shows what distorted desires mean, as Madarame’s students are just paintings lining its wall.

This palace has a more narrative feel, putting you in multiple situations where your party is split up completing multiple tasks. Seeing Yusuke’s reactions to the palace helps to better understand what warped desires are compared to the real world.

5 Futaba Palace Futaba Pyramid in distance

This palace reverses the formula, making the ruler of the palace a sort of ally. You run through the palace almost to the treasure room, then spend the next month returning to that point.

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The design is a perfect blend of a pharaoh’s tomb and Futaba’s interests in technology. This palace makes you fight against traps and arrows fired from the wall. Followed by an impressive narrative boss fight, it’s a great month of exploring the palace.

4 Shido PalaceShido Palace sailing through the city

For what the Phantom Thieves think is their final mission, this palace fits the bill. The backdrop of a flooded Tokyo is just as impressive as the huge cruise ship passing through it. Each area of ​​the ship is unique, allowing you to explore the upper level pools all the way to the boiler room.

The story areas in this palace are some of the best as the story comes to an end and many questions from the start of the game are answered. The puzzles are unique and only happen a few times before you start to feel overused.

3 Kamoshida PalacePlayer and Ryuji standing in front of the castle

Being the first palace of such a big game with so many mechanics, almost the whole place serves as a tutorial area. The mixed aesthetic between the school and the warped castle is incredibly done and is by far one of the best designs in the game.

Kamoshida is a perfect villain to start the game off, taunting you and party members at every opportunity. Many of the tutorials might seem tedious, but spreading them all over the palace doesn’t make the start of the game so boring when you’re learning how the game works.

2 Maruki PalacePlayer with Kasumi and Akechi in Maruki's Palace

This palace has several areas that range from a bright white research laboratory to a garden of high people. The drawings of each area perfectly show what Maruki thinks of himself and the work he does.

The narrative of this palace is by far the best and has some of the best moments in the game. Kasumi’s reveal, Maruki’s backstory, and the ethical questions you are asked show just how great Persona 5 can be. The added party members show off the full strength of the Phantom Thieves, and the final boss fight and music is the perfect ending to a perfect game.

1 Sae PalaceExterior view of the Sae casino

Starting the player halfway through a story in the middle of the action is a bold move and makes returning to that section all the more rewarding. Sae Palace has the best unique designs, music and storytelling of any other palace.

Perfectly blending a rigged casino and rigging it in your favor is the Phantom Thieves’ perfect solution. Sae is a recurring character throughout the game in flashbacks and interrogation, giving his palace a nice twist. There is an additional mechanism of being able to play for more tokens to unlock the next area, being the best puzzle in any palace.

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