Pomfret students nationally recognized for inventing robots – NBC Connecticut

Pomfret school students are finalists in a national coding competition. The group of teens designed a robot that sprays cleaning solution and wipes surfaces.

The competition, TI Codes by Texas Instruments, required students to design a machine that automates a process related to health, wellness, or medicine during the pandemic.

The students designed a germ-killing flushing machine (GERM). The robot sprays a cleaning solution and wipes a surface. The students had to write their own code to make it work, which they had never done before.

“I asked some of my friends for lunch and I said, hey guys, do you want to do this project and they were like sure! Said Delia Bousquet, a first year student at Pomfret school.

The robot has telescopic arms which change length depending on the size of the table. The students also decorated GERM so that it could be used as a centerpiece on a table.

“We tried and I think we did pretty well,” said Anna Davis, who is also a rookie.

After several rounds of competition, the students were named finalists. They are the only Connecticut group in the top five.

Their engineering professor, Josh Lake, said he was delighted with the students. He said the students worked very hard on the project.

“To see that in their eyes, I mean that’s a big part of why I teach,” Lake said.

The students said they were excited to create a solution during the pandemic.

“Be proactive and help make a difference,” said Davis.

“You should always seize opportunities when you have them,” added Bousquet.

If the team wins the competition, they win more coding equipment from Texas Instruments to help them with their future endeavors.

They ask people to vote on this link. To vote, click on the project then click on the heart button.

Closing of the votes on Thursday June 17 at 11:59 p.m.

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