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While a traditional dry toilet dumps waste into a pit, where it can sometimes seep into the groundwater and contaminate it, the Department of Health uses topsoil, where organic matter breaks down quickly, to convert more effectively waste nutrients.

The other difference between MOH and a typical addiction is that there is no smell. The vent pipe and the floor covering each use take care of this.

I walked around Baldwin’s lawn. I could see two rectangular patches of newly planted grass where the health ministry had been recently, but that was it. I couldn’t see any evidence of the previous 28 locations where he had been located.

The Ministry of Health is not the solution to sanitation problems in the world, but it could be a solution for a certain part of the world population. And it highlights some of the important issues Americans tend to overlook when dealing with human waste.

The biggest problem, according to Baldwin, is that we’re stuck with a system that sucks up our clean water supplies. “We made a huge mistake when we developed a sewage system that used potable water to dispose of our waste,” he observed.

It worked well back in the days when clean water was plentiful, but with increasing droughts west of the Mississippi River, surface water is becoming scarce in many areas and large capacity wells have already drained a lot of water. much of the groundwater supply to our aquifers.

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