“Scientists should pledge not to create inventions that destroy the environment”

November 18, 2022 | 06:37 IST

“Scientists should pledge not to create inventions that destroy the environment”

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MARGAO: Claiming that humans are solely responsible for environmental damage and destruction, conservationist and Padma Bhushan recipient Anil Prakash Joshi called on scientists and researchers across the country to come up with research that will have immediate relevance and sustainable, and to make a commitment not to create inventions that would further destroy the ecology of the planet.

Joshi was addressing a gathering of students and scholars at the International Conference on Environmental Sustainability and Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges, organized by the Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Khandola, and the Ravi S Naik Ponda Education Society College of Arts and Science. Farmagudi, in association with the Sustainable Environment Society, Lucknow at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Thursday. Expressing his disappointment at the loss of ecology, he said it was high time people started working for ecological growth, rather than just economic success.

“Gross Domestic Product (GDP) translates into luxuries and facilities, but Gross Ecological Product (GDP) is actually what sustains our lives. We know how much money we have in our pockets, but we have no idea how much and how much fresh air we breathe in five minutes,” Joshi said.

“The environment has been damaged to such an extent that groundwater is not accessible in many places. There is no water in Faridabad and we even see beggars buying drinking water. Even as the water crisis begins, the only technology we have in response is the bottled water trade,” he said.

Lamenting that most metropolitan cities no longer have green spaces and open spaces even for children to ride bikes, Joshi pointed out that plastic pollution is killing the ocean.

“Life comes from the sea, but unfortunately we have 8 million metric tons of plastic in the sea. All human-made waste goes into the sea, causing the extinction of several aquatic species that play an important role in ocean ecology,” he said.

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