Take a look at these futuristic houses by Veliz Arquitecto

Creative workshop Véliz Architect has designed homes with a distinctive creative flair and here we’ll take a look at some of his latest designs. Each house here has a theme and portrays the environment around it by incorporating various elements into the design. Take a look at some of the more futuristic homes below.

Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Broken diamond house, Cuba

Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana was the main architect of this house with large glass facades and radical shapes. The vast interior spaces are connected by double and triple struts while the glazed facades are opened by angular shaped windows. There are angular shapes everywhere that represent a diamond, but in particular, the two concrete and wooden breakwaters fit perfectly into the water.

Reptile House by Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Reptile House, Canada

The Reptile House is unlike anything else while mimicking the environment while being far from the city limits. It sits on the shores of a lake while the shape blends into the surroundings while having an organic layout. There are massive boulders and an earthy appearance while still making it feel like you are in the forest itself! The name comes from the fact that the interior represents being inside a reptile!

Bedroom on Mirror House by Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

House on mirror, Cuba

A project that has an earthy tone while combining a feeling of space and lightness. The objective here is akin to “floating on water”. There is a rustic vibe here with polished marble, intriguing shapes, and rustic stone. There are others interesting design elements like wood and concrete (which is apparent) plus large sections of metal and glass. The feeling of lightness is also present due to the hidden entrance and exit doors.

Embrace house of Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Embrace house, United States

This project aims to take an eco-friendly home to the next level with an infusion of nature in its very design. The whole project revolves around being sustainable, respectful of the environment and respectful of nature. There are large open spaces with a roof garden with vegetation on different floors. The large windows on the walls and ceilings also reinforce this point. The house is divided into two levels with the living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, swimming pool, etc. on the first level while there are two bedrooms with bathrooms on level 2.

Coral Bedroom House by Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Coral chamber, Greece

The main idea of ​​this project was to integrate the sea and its surrounding environment. The design is also akin to being in a seashell with corals around you. Various elements of marine vegetation and seabed have also been incorporated here with a feeling of lightness reflecting the vast sea.

Exotic bathroom House of Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Exotic bathroom, Cuba

An outdoor bathroom is a practical idea, especially in coastal / sandy areas where sand does not get into the main house. The project seen here is a massive space incorporating exterior design details as well as the feel of bathing in the sun or under the stars at night. Materials like ceramic or stone tiles, cement or a wooden walkway can also be used.

The Nests Cabins Hotel in Veliz Arquitecto, Cuba
Photo courtesy of Veliz Arquitecto

Hotel in the trees, Cuba

A design straight out of a science fiction movie, “the hotel in the trees” is a concept of having a smaller hotel complex on trees that are connected to each other by a suspension bridge in wood and tensioners. There are different parts to the Hotel with spaces for all amenities like a restaurant, bedrooms with nest-shaped bathrooms and more. Of course you have the feeling of being at one with nature with breathtaking views too!

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