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Cigdem Guner store operator working at his workstation inside CG Design Atelier

As you walk down Wyandotte Street East, you might notice a new storefront with Cigdem Guner doing his trade through the window – in CG Design Atelier.

CG Design Atelier, the newest addition to the East End, opened in late August – and with that opening, bringing a variety of handmade jewellery, beads and natural stones to the area.

Co-owner and store operator, designer and manufacturer of handicrafts, Cigdem Guner appreciated having a physical location after participating in several events and farmers’ markets as a vendor, and hosting his online store at the same time. time. She co-owns the store with her husband, Ibrahim Hakki Guner, whom she thanks for his support and cooperation in realizing her vision for the store.

Co-owner and operator of the Cigdem Guner store

Guner, who is originally from Turkey, made his way with his family to Canada 4 years ago to give his twin children a great education as they enter their final year of high school this year. Guner herself attended St. Clair College for its Tourism program — travel with an interest in pursuing a tourism-related career — but the pandemic has changed her plans for her life a bit.

“I wanted to work and produce something,” she says. “So I started a business.”

The company stems from a 20-year hobby and passion for Guner: beading, creating and making beautiful things.

“[Beading] has always been my hobby – I’ve always loved jewelry, wearing it and making it. Before, I didn’t have as much time to devote myself to it”, she explains, but now that her children have grown up, she has had time to get back to her passion.

Now Guner spends much of her days in her shop, creating and welcoming customers who visit her.

“It’s more than money,” Guner notes. “It’s so good that people love what you do…and wear it! I feel encouraged to do more and learn more,” she explains, because it’s always nice to be appreciated for your job. “People like to buy [the items I make] for gifts, which feels good. They let me know that the gift was appreciated, which makes me feel good.

Guner works with a variety of materials including: seed beads, natural stones, crystals, superduo and really any type of bead. Guner will also create her own creations from clay to add to jewelry, and plans to branch out into ceramics soon. With all these components, she creates a variety of unique jewellery, with over 1,900 original pieces made by her in store and online.

The store itself is a piece of design that Guner is very proud of and happy to have been a part of. “My husband and I did a lot of DIY around the new store. A lot of the stuff in the store was assembled or made by us. We redid the whole unit, from the walls to the door to the floors.

Now that Guner has been able to open her shop, she looks forward to offering workshops to small groups soon. Workshops for adults and teens will soon be available, from jewelry making, to beadwork, claywork and more. “I’m going to set a theme for the small group workshops,” she says, as she’s looking forward to doing something like this now that she has her own space to do it.

In addition to handcrafted products and upcoming workshops, the store offers repairs and custom orders, handcrafted items from Turkey such as bags and scarves, beading supplies, lace And much more. The store’s items and materials are sourced from all over the world – from Turkey to Morocco to the United States, Canada and beyond.

See CG Design Atelier for yourself at their new location at 4746 Wyandotte Street East to discover handcrafted and unique products. Browse Guner’s work on their Instagram here and find more information on their website here; make a custom order via [email protected]

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