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The white jersey with copper and gray elements will pay tribute to the creation and growth of Team Vitality to become the largest esports team in France with a growing global presence. The jersey drop will form the first full range of alternative clothing with Team Vitality athletes Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise and Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek being the face of the campaign.

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The leading global esports organization Team Vitality is delighted to unveil its alternative jersey for 2021, which aims to showcase the brand’s roots in the city of Paris and export them to the world. As a symbol of culture, Paris is home to some of the best arts, music and fashion in the world and Team Vitality has chosen to express the city’s lifestyle through the Alternate Jersey design.

This year the jersey is again white but with gray and copper stripes. The gray represents the emblematic streets and monuments of Paris while the copper color represents the trophies won by the team since the creation of Team Vitality in 2013. For the first time, the Alternate jersey is accompanied by a selection of other clothing including sweatpants and full zippers. vest, two flagship pieces of sportswear and lifestyle fashion which represents the esports organization through its color palette, and the inspiring city of Paris.

Developed in the heart of Paris with Team Vitality and the bustling city at the forefront, the concept behind the collection symbolizes the boundless energy and creativity of Paris, as well as the determination and success of Team Vitality using “Vitality from Paris” as signature of the collection. Showcasing the elite talent housed within Team Vitality and the beauty of the native Parisians, the Alternate jersey and collection showcase some of Team Vitality’s best esports players.

The collection includes Nicolas “Nikof” Frejavise, a recognizable Fortnite star who competed under Team Vitality and displays his impressive skills within Fortnite. The collection also includes Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, a legendary athlete and accomplished star who has made a name for himself on the League of Legends scene and continues to improve and grow with the LEC team of Team Vitality.

To celebrate the launch of the new jersey and the Alternate collection, Team Vitality is organizing the “Vitality Alternate Launch”, an event dedicated to its fans, which takes place today in the heart of Paris, at the headquarters of Team Vitality, V.Hive . Team Vitality fans and ambassadors will join fans for the special event wearing the jersey and other items from the collection. As part of the event, fans will have the opportunity to participate in the recreation of the campaign visuals, allowing them to emulate Nikof and Selfmade who are the face of the Alternate jersey and collection.

The new jersey also cements another important milestone in Team Vitality’s partnership with adidas, which has resulted in the launch of several innovative and successful products. Earlier this year, Team Vitality presented its Pro 2021 jersey, the first adidas jersey designed from the ground up for an esports team. All the elements of the jersey: the collar, the sleeves, the pattern… have been chosen and worked by the two brands.

The Alternate Jersey 2021 highlights the duality of Team Vitality: with performance on one side including cutting edge technology and quality clothing and lifestyle on the other side with unique, innovative designs and creative.

Since its inception in 2013, Team Vitality has grown into one of the largest esports organizations in the world and home to some of the biggest and best esports players. This year, Team Vitality continued to build on its esports heritage, most recently announcing its international expansion to Brazil and India, as well as partnerships with Socios and Aldi.

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