Tenant-friendly DIY is just $40 and its floors look like new

Do you live in an apartment or house where you want to change but don’t have full access to do so? Maybe it’s something like the area around your sink that’s gotten particularly gross, and you need an inexpensive way to make it look better, or your floors need an upgrade, but you can’t splurge to install new ones.

Luckily, we’ve got the secret for you (and it’s incredibly renter-friendly!)


Stefanie Bloom is a TikTok creator known for providing her followers with a tenant-friendly home style. You can check out his channel for more tips, but today we’re focusing on revamping his floor.

The best part of it all, as Stefanie points out, is that you can buy the floor fix for less than forty dollars, and it will make your floor look like you spent over four hundred dollars.

What makes this work work is actually nothing more than contact paper, although it’s a thicker, stickier paper than you’re probably used to working with. Stefanie recommends using Veelike’s contact paper (which you can find here on Amazon), and we love it too because it comes in so many unique grits and colors. Personally, we think the faux gray wood is amazing.

Then all it takes is to get down and unroll the contact paper, cutting it along the edges with something like a craft or exacto knife to make sure you get a good edge. Stefanie also gives us this handy tip – be sure to overlap the contact paper a good three inches each time you need to unroll a new strip. This will help create a cohesive look and will also ensure that no moisture seeps underneath like it would if you simply laid each sheet side by side.

In the end, the look is absolutely stunning, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll try this hack for ourselves!

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