The 10 most frustrating moments in video game history

There’s a trail of broken controllers and cracked CD cases leading to gamers’ hell, and those frustrating moments are what nightmares are made of. Video games are the modern equivalent of The vast world of sport, encompassing the ecstasy of victory and the agony of defeat. Sometimes, however, it’s not a matter of skill or even luck, but just a matter of the game acting like a jerk. The most frustrating moments in gaming history often emerge from unexpected places such as bugs; while others are evident, such as the ever-present water level or hovering bats.

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Now that video games have been with us for a few generations, almost everyone who knows the medium, gamer or not, is familiar with the following not-so-good moments in gaming. The best part of this list is made up of specific moments in certain games, but most of them have comparable storylines in others that make up the genre.

ten The owl Kaepora Gaebora would not be silent (Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

The little adventure in Kokiri Forest is cute, but it’s little more than a tutorial for the real game. It’s an epic moment where the player finally emerges from the dense forest into the light of Hyrule Field for to be stopped dead as things improve.

It’s such a notoriously frustrating moment in gaming history that it spawned a million memes, each expressing extreme and often hilarious frustration. It can be even worse: choosing “no” at the end of this spiel brings the player back through the whole thing.

9 Defeating the Yeti with a Pie is an obscure puzzle with a confusing answer (King’s Quest V)

Kng's Quest 5 yeti defeated by a pie

In the 1990s, point-and-click games that featured puzzles or riddles as part of character progression were all the rage. This covered entire libraries of games like the Monkey island series, the Myst games, and included virtually all of Sierra’s most popular titles, including the The King’s Quest franchise.

This particular game dates back to 1990, and while it was a fairly early adventure game, it foreshadows how this genre has derailed in recent years. Usually the puzzles in games would have some sort of logical solution, but to increase the stakes, the developers started making the answers to the puzzles more and more random. Not a single player who has experienced this game has been impressed by this stupid and frustrating yeti who is only impervious to a pie in the face. It’s not even a play on words, one of the most charming features of this franchise.

8 Trying to get those combo buttons correctly will drive anyone crazy (Mortal Kombat)

Mortal Kombat screenshot combo

It doesn’t matter which Mortal combat game you choose is still a problem, although some franchise installments are worse than others. In the beginning, fewer buttons meant less cool movements but less confusion, which is a level of frustration.

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Subsequent games made the situation worse instead of better. The button sequence became so intimidating that the payoff was no longer worth it. The pendulum didn’t go back until the developers struck a balance between form, in this case a more sophisticated control scheme (and more sophisticated controllers) that helped make more complex sequences easier to pull off. .

7 Guiding Natalya through the base is the worst escort mission ever (GoldenEye 007)

The Escort Quest isn’t anyone’s favorite no matter what game you find it in, but this early version of one in it golden 007 gave players a bitter taste of things to come. This game’s difficulty curve is one of the sources of negative reviews as it stands, and that tricky escort quest pretty close to the start doesn’t help.

The player has to escort Natalya through a segment of the game, and she has a bad habit of suddenly running in random directions and often in the line of fire. It’s disheartening and time consuming, to say the least.

6 Jet Ski Level is a glorified memory game that takes hours of practice (Battletoads)

Battletoads jet ski level screenshot

Battle toads gets a mixed review overall, with some singing its praises for the creative designs and others complaining about the random checks. One thing everyone agrees on is how horrible the level of the jet ski is.

Also known as Turbo Tunnel, this is basically a long memory game that you can only complete after hours of trial and error. This is one of the most boring and frustrating levels of any game, ever made, anywhere.

5 The whole Blighttown level is a frustrating mess (Dark Souls)

Dark_Souls_Screen_Shot Blighttown

It’s not always the sewers or the underwater level that drives a player crazy. Sometimes it’s a dungeon or a confined area like a house, but in this case it’s a town in Dark souls. Blighttown is connected to a number of other areas of the game so the player can’t avoid it, and it’s a frustrating place for a number of reasons.

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Some players complain about enemies appearing to come out of the woods without a sign or warning, but there are other even dumber traps here, literally. Since the area is under perpetual cover of darkness, and there are different platforms in Blighttown, players are likely to fall through gaps and hard-to-see holes. How stupid would it be to survive an onslaught of enemies only to die falling into a hole?

4 Escaping The Dream Sequence Is Nearly Impossible With These Standard Definition Graphics (Max Payne)

Escapeing The Dream Sequence level, cloudy corridor, Max Payne

It was an interesting concept, but the execution was way ahead of its time considering the technology that was in existence when this game was released in 2001.

The dream sequences were an integral part of the plot and story of Max Payne, the player only has to manage them to progress. Even with decent control and better graphics, narrow hallways and small paths would still have been difficult to navigate, not to mention the fact that they took a game that was otherwise one thrilling shootout after another and crushed it. to a boring, tiresome stop.

3 Anything that happens during a given race can result in broken controllers (Mario Kart)

Mario Kart Tour, screenshot, start line

There are few games more frustrating than Mario kart, in particular Mario kart 64. So why is it such a popular game, and why do people love it so much? It seems like a contradiction, but it makes sense to the players.

For every trough in a game, there is also a dizzying peak. That Blue Turtle Shell sucks when the player is in the lead, but is it nice to be the one throwing that brutal EQ yourself? But when a player assaulted with a barrage of projectiles, one after the other – especially on the home stretch just before the checkered flag of a 1st place which has just become a 9th place – it is difficult to don’t send one of those huge N64 controllers flying through the air.

2 The lack of space in the bag is the only monster in the MMORPG that remains undefeated (World of Warcraft)

Wow Classic Bank interior safe

MMORPGs have always had this problem, but what started out as a joke in early games like Diablo quickly became a serious problem in World of Warcraft. This was more of an issue in Classic than in Retail and was seen as another leveling issue for the player to fix instead of a design flaw to be fixed in later expansions.

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This problem is more frustrating because it is really when and how a player encounters this problem. When you are working in nature and you don’t want to part with any of your valuables, it is bad enough, but when you are in a situation that requires rushing, like in the middle of a raid with a time limit, it makes a player want to pull their hair out.

1 Did you forget to register? (Any game before dawn autosave)

Crash N. Sane Trilogy save screen

Thank you, original The legend of Zelda, to give players a save function that they always forget to use, and always at the most crucial times as dictated by Murphy’s Law. The gaming community rejoiced when the concept of saved games was introduced. Progress could be saved now, what downside could this have?

It was Monkey’s Paw’s ultimate wish. Games have become longer and more complex, requiring the need to save games, but that means there is still more to lose when the player neglects this essential detail. It’s a way of making an adult cry like a toddler and it’s broken by a lot of players.

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