The 11 best Amazon finds of 2021, according to a shopping editor

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These smart, stylish, and affordable Amazon finds are just a few of the items I’ve found myself using or wearing repeatedly. And here’s the best part: those gadgets, home supplies, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and wardrobe upgrades, all under $ 50.

I have spent the last few years overhauling my beauty kit to replace my long-standing products with cleaner options in the hopes that my acne and eczema would improve. Luckily my new investments paid off, but I struggled to find an impressive mascara until Honest Beauty sent me their lash primer and two-in-one mascara for testing. After trying nearly a dozen other options that disappointed me, I was delighted to find an option under $ 20 that met my new standards, that lasted all day and during sessions. ‘workout (no chipping or smudging) while still making my lashes look long and thick. And even better, I started a subscription which saves me a few bucks and ensures that I always have a fresh tube on hand.

Another item I now use daily is the LuminoLite rechargeable reading light. The accessory helps me read easily at night now that I try to reach for a book whenever I feel like aiming aimlessly scrolling on my phone. With this little light, which doesn’t require batteries and charges quickly, I was able to set up and stick to a nighttime reading routine that helped me feel less stressed and better. sleep at night.

Another surprisingly impressive find: Amazon’s Made For You custom t-shirts. For just $ 25, anyone can order a bespoke top and use the retailer’s new technology that virtually takes your measurements right from your phone. For years, I’ve struggled to find a high quality long sleeve shirt that was fitted without being tight, and now I have the perfect piece that I wear several times a week. In fact, I plan to order several more. And these Amazon finds under $ 50 are just the start. There are several other findings that have improved my wardrobe, my home, and my life in various ways. Check out the rest of the publisher’s beloved products below, or head over to Amazon’s New Years Sale to find even more hidden gems.

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