The 6 best marble contact papers

Whether you’re looking to spruce up outdated furniture, add a backsplash to your walls, or breathe new life into your countertops, the best marble contact papers are the way to do it. To choose the best marble contact paper for your project, decide on the colors and pattern that will fit well into your space, whether you want a subtle and understated aesthetic or a bold and loaded aesthetic. Vineta Jackson, owner and founder of The Handyman’s Daughter, also recommends choosing something with a “random pattern that makes it easier to blend the seams.”

Contact paper is available in either gloss or matte finishes, and Liberty Riggs, Senior Designer at Studio Riggs, explains that “a more matte finish will be more realistic, but a brighter finish is easier to apply.” If you plan to use the contact paper in an area that could be exposed to water (when upgrading your bathroom or backsplash, for example), choose one that is waterproof or durable. wet – luckily most are as they are usually vinyl. If you are using contact paper in an area where damage is likely (like in a kitchen, for example), choose one that is stain and oil resistant, so that it stays in pristine condition – and more. good news, most options are.

While it is important to choose a marble contact paper that offers the aesthetic you have chosen, it is also essential to choose one of the right size for your project. Contact paper comes in a range of lengths and widths, and according to Riggs, “the best way to determine how much contact paper you’ll need is to figure out how many square inches or square feet you are covering and add 20% for margin of error. Some choices also describe the coverage area in square feet, making it even easier to choose the best option.

These six marble contact papers will add spice to your home for a super low price – let the DIY begin!

1. A fan favorite gray and white marble contact paper

  • Finish: Glossy
  • Water resistance: waterproof

With an impressive 29,000 growing reviews on Amazon and a strong overall 4.2 star rating, this PracticalWs contact document is highly regarded on the site, with reviewers saying it is easy to use and the result final has a serious wow effect. The contact paper is made from a smooth vinyl material and features a stunning gray and white marble pattern with a glossy finish. This opening pick sticks to any dry, flat surface, and the edges of the paper are designed to let you easily align multiple rolls (if needed) without the hassle.

This opening pick is waterproof and oil resistant, and it has a grill on the back for easy cutting.

If you prefer a gray and white marble contact paper with a matte finish, this choice of Art3d is a good option.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “I don’t have the money for a new vanity right now. Insert the DIY project of covering my ugly pink bathroom vanity with marble contact paper. It looks 100% better and it’s super durable. It’s a bit difficult to work with at first, then you get used to it. I buy more for my half bath! “

  • Available sizes: 11.8 x 78.7 inches (approximately 6.5 square feet), 17.71 x 78 inches (approximately 9.5 square feet), 17.71 x 196.8 inches (approximately 23 square feet) and 24 x 118 inches (approximately 19.6 square feet)

2. A bold black marble contact paper

  • Finish: Glossy
  • Water resistance: waterproof

This bold and vivid contact paper from Yancorp features a black marble pattern that is sure to turn heads in all of the best means. Made from vinyl, the contact paper is both waterproof and oil resistant, and Amazon reviews confirm it’s actually pretty easy to use. To apply the paper, use the grid on the back to cut the piece (s) to the appropriate size, remove the backing to expose the adhesive, and glue the paper directly onto a smooth, flat, clean surface. Voila, transformation completed!

This pick is available in multiple size options, including an extra-long 394-inch pick for larger projects.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “My house has really outdated meters. I wanted to update with granite or marble countertops, but funds just aren’t available at this time. Then I saw this product, so I thought I was going to give it a try. Nothing to lose!! I went with this one because the counters are stained and scratched all over. And the result is great, it looks beautiful. I took a picture and showed it to my friends, and they were all fooled at first and thought it was real marble. If you look closely you can see the appearances and some little bubbles, but to me it doesn’t matter. This is a huge update from my previous counters so I appreciate it !! ”

  • Available sizes: 11.8 x 78.7 inches (approximately 6.5 square feet), 17.71 x 78.7 inches (approximately 9.5 square feet), 18 x 197 inches (approximately 23 square feet), 18 x 394 inches (approximately 49.3 square feet), 24 x 120 inches (approximately 20 square feet), and 24 x 197 inches (approximately 32.8 square feet)

3. White and gold marble contact paper

  • Finish: Matte
  • Water resistance: Water resistant

This contact paper from Abyssaly looks like therefore high end, but it comes with an affordable price. The marbled contact paper features chic white and gold tones with an ultra-matte finish. Made from thick vinyl, this opening pick works best on flat, clean, and smooth surfaces. Use the grid on the back of the roll to cut the pieces to your necessary dimensions and stick it right on it… it’s that easy!

This pick is water, stain and oil resistant.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “I loved this marble-look adhesive paper. I have rolling cabinets that don’t have a real counter that I put this on. It looks a lot better than the old paint and is much more durable. Liquids do not seem to affect it and it is easy to clean. I wouldn’t cut anything on it, but I use cutting boards instead of a counter anyway. It was a simple, inexpensive way to update the look of my kitchen. I can use the supplement for the shelves in a medicine cabinet.

  • Available sizes: 11.8 x 118 inches (approximately 9.66 square feet), 17.71 x 78.7 inches (approximately 9.67 square feet), and 23.6 x 78.7 inches (approximately 12.9 square feet) )

4. A coffee-colored marbled contact paper

  • Finish: Glossy
  • Water resistance: waterproof

With a range of brown tones, this marbled contact paper by Livelynine would pair well with a variety of design aesthetics. And since it is waterproof, stain resistant and oil resistant, it is suitable for use on mostly surfaces. any bedroom. But clearly, I’m not the only one who likes this choice; Amazon reviews give it an overall rating of 4.5 stars on the site, out of 700 and growing reviews.

This contact paper is made from vinyl and has a grid on the back that will allow you to easily cut the pieces to the required dimensions. To ensure the best results, make sure the surface you are covering is clean, dry, and smooth – the manufacturer even says you should use sandpaper on rough or uneven spots to even out – before applying the contact paper.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “It’s very easy to install. If you make a mistake, you can peel it off and fix it, without compromising the grip. Easy to measure and cut. Easy to clean and will not come off. Overall it served its purpose and I am happy with my purchase.

  • Available sizes: 15.8 x 78.7 inches (approximately 8.65 square feet), 15.8 x 197 inches (approximately 21.65 square feet), and 15.8 x 394 inches (approximately 43.3 square feet)

5. A dark gray marble contact paper that makes a statement

  • Finish: Matte
  • Water resistance: waterproof

Showcasing varying shades of gray, a matte finish and a bold marbled pattern, this contact paper from HELLKIT is sure to make a statement in your space. Made from PVC vinyl, the contact paper is designed to adhere to any smooth surface, and the grid on the back lets you easily cut parts to your exact specifications. And best of all, it’s waterproof, stain and oil resistant, meaning it will stand up to a lot of harsh treatments no matter where you use it.

This contact paper comes in five different size options – and each roll also lists the approximate amount of square footage it can cover – so you should be able to find the perfect choose for your project.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “Not only is it absolutely GORGEOUS, but it went really well. It’s a kind of thicker vinyl contact paper, but it makes it sturdy for surfaces like table tops. I love it and want to use it on every possible surface … would that be extreme? “

  • Available sizes: 15.8 x 78.8 inches (approximately 8.6 square feet), 15.8 x 393 inches (approximately 43.6 square feet), 23.8 x 118 inches (approximately 19.3 square feet) and 23.8 x 393 inches (approximately 64.6 square feet)

6. White and pink marbled contact paper

  • Finish: Glossy
  • Water resistance: waterproof

When critics leave comments like “looks a million times better [than] what was it ”and“ the colors are popping ”then you know you have a winning product on your hands. This Tiltil Marble Contact Paper is definitely a show, with white, pink and gray tones that can transform any smooth, flat, and clean surface from drab to fab in minutes. Made from PVC vinyl, this opening pick is waterproof and oil resistant. And the grid on the back makes it easy to cut as needed.

Enthusiastic review from Amazon: “Love! Thick paper and holds up well. I have used it on my laptop and my desk and on a card reader looking for a business lol. The color is so pretty and it’s a nice shine. Waterproof and sustainable until now.

  • Available sizes: 118 x 15.8 inches (approximately 12.9 square feet), 197 x 18.8 inches (approximately 21.6 square feet), and 393 x 15.8 inches (43.6 square feet)


Vineta Jackson, owner and founder of The Handyman’s Daughter

Liberty riggs, chief designer at Studio Riggs

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