The reinvention of Ruby Soho


Ruby Soho seems to be living the high life now that she has joined AEW.

Former Ruby Riott emerged at All Out following a massive public reaction to All Elite Wrestling. It was the most meaningful response she’s ever had if you factor in her time in WWE as well.

Soho was still hearing cheers last Wednesday when she faced AEW Women’s Champion Dr. Britt Baker in a promotional battle for the ages.

The segment was almost universally praised by viewers and gave us a glimpse into the fire and fury Soho may have been forced to hold back in its final incarnation.

It’s clear she has a new look, a new attitude, and the fan base behind her.

For many of these former WWE stars, the move to AEW was like a bullet in the arm. It was caffeine that woke them up after a long sleep.

Ruby Soho seems to be one of the stars that falls into this category. She entered the AEW full of fire, winning the Women’s Casino Battle Royale for a shot at Baker. Now, she is positioned as the person who will take home the role model gold from AEW.

Although she is brand new to the promotion, it makes sense that Ruby Soho was immediately thrown into the title game. She and Baker are natural rivals. They are the two most charismatic women on the female list.

They both have strong in-ring skills. Chat in that Soho was “TV ready” when she arrived, due to years of participating in the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

Many fans and observers believe Soho will win the championship over Dynamite.

That could lead to a long angle with a new match taking place at Full Gear on November 6. In the meantime, if this week’s promo is any indicator, a war of words between these two will be just as entertaining (if not more) than the action in the ring.

Ruby Soho adds more star power to AEW’s rapidly improving female roster, and she was immediately adopted by fans. Even though she fails to defeat Baker in Dynamite: Grand Slam, we all know she will be a main player in the event for her entire run in All Elite Wrestling.

We should see a career rebirth for Ruby Soho. She mentioned when she was in the ring with Baker that she finally had “her freedom”. This is what she needed from the start. Tony Khan and AEW will likely let Soho be herself, which she hasn’t had a chance to portray better.

Sooner or later Ruby Soho will win the title and rise to the top of the women’s division of a major wrestling company. You can bet she’ll take this opportunity to finally be the star she was always meant to be.

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