The work of the young inventor from Sudbury will be presented in the exhibition “ Museum of Ingenuity ”

Grade 12 student Nethra Wickramisinghe at Lockerby has developed a wireless device worn on the wrist that detects physiological changes related to depression and anxiety.

Nethra Wickramisinghe, a Grade 12 Lockerby Composite School student who has won national awards for her groundbreaking science fair projects, will be featured in a traveling exhibit at the J. Armand Bombardier Museum of Ingenuity which will open at spring 2022.

The exhibit, a showcase of young Canadian inventors aged 13 to 24, celebrates the spark of ingenuity and shines a light on the creativity that inspires many young Canadians – those who have left their mark on history and those who pave the way for the future.

Nethra’s project, “A New Application to Improve Wellness Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” was first presented at the 2018 Sudbury Regional Science Fair to address the prevalence of the disease mental in society.

A wireless device worn on the wrist detects physiological changes associated with depression and anxiety. The device is connected to an app, also developed by Nethra, which relays changes and monitors skin pressure, heart rate and temperature patterns.

When irregularities are detected, patients receive an alert. Patients are trained in the use of cognitive behavioral therapy and rational behavioral and emotional therapy to improve their mental health and personal well-being through interactive exercises.

“We are delighted that Nethra Wickramisinghe is featured among the country’s best and brightest young scientists across the country,” Rainbow District School Board Director of Education Norm Blaseg said in a press release.

“Nethra tapped into her innate curiosity to develop practical applications with enormous benefits. She is a leading figure in the next generation of scientists who continues to make us proud.

Nethra is a four-time Pan-Canadian Science Fair participant and gold medalist. She also won the Weston Youth Innovation Award 2020 and received a Golden Ticket for a STEM Entrepreneur Course in 2019.

She is enrolled in Lockerby Composite School’s STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering Program) program for students considering a career in medicine, science, healthcare, business, computer science, design or engineering.

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