This DIY giant marble run is made entirely of cardboard

When most of us receive this package in the mail from Amazon or elsewhere, we tend to throw away the cardboard box. We can keep some for housewares or to send parcels ourselves. But above all, they go in the trash. Well here’s something that might make you feel that those decisions to throw those boxes were extremely wasteful.

Going through Laughing squid, we discovered a five minute video that shows a huge ball track, made entirely of cardboard. DanCreator of Cardboard Crafts made this DIY monster in about two months. The video begins with some electric guitar riffs, but ends with an old Ragtime piano. Which seems more appropriate for something as old school as a marble track. You can watch his video demonstration right here:

This marble track was the first cardboard creation that DanCreator shared with the world. But since then he has shared several other equally stunning creations via his YouTube channel. And there are some decidedly cheesy out there. He made Super Reincarnated Seraph Lucifer’s sword from the video game Puzzle and Dragons. There is also a pair of guns from the anime classic. Gundam. And he even made a rapid-fire rubber band pistol out of Fortnite.

A giant DIY cardboard ball track.


Perhaps DanCreator’s most impressive cardboard creations are those that are just ordinary, everyday objects. These include a giant, working air hockey table and even a noodle vending machine. And yes, this distributor is to scale. There’s even a very realistic cardboard soda fountain. And it works! We’re not sure where DanCreator got the knack for this, but everything we’ve seen of his channel so far has blown us away.

To check out DanCreator’s amazing DIY cardboard constructions, be sure to check out his YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

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