This new superyacht can sail without emissions thanks to its innovative sails

Innovative designs with yachts are not a new trend. Several designers have introduced unique and creative features into their designs for these yachts. Famous yacht designer Kurt Strand is famous for bringing unprecedented concepts to his work. previously he presented the breathtaking Florida yacht that had the ability to sail without the presence of wind.

This time he brought another superyacht design which will set the bar much higher than before. The new 528-foot (161 m) superyacht is named after Norway. It was inspired by the longships of the Viking Age.

The designer imitated the sturdy square sails of the old days and created a modern version of them. This has enabled Norway to be equipped with “space age technology” which allows it to travel all over the world without emitting harmful emissions.

The sails capture energy as they move, then this energy is stored in a battery bank which is placed on board. This energy will then be converted into hydrogen. Even when there is no wind or sun, Norway will sail forward, powered by three multi-fuel engines that can run on diesel, liquefied natural gas or hydrogen.

When the weather is deemed ideal, it will produce more clean energy than it consumes, putting that energy aside for days when the weather is not on its side. The ship is as massive as the other superyachts. It can accommodate up to 24 people in 12 luxurious suites, as well as 40 crew members. The yacht also has a beach club, fitness center, spa, swimming pool, supercar garage and cinema. Norway even has a small hospital.

Kurt Strand Norway Sailing Superyacht

There is a circular two-story hall in the center and a bar which offers a fascinating view of the sea. For smooth sailing Norway also has a unique sail handling system for precise maneuvering as well as two Side-by-side retractable keels with stabilizers. This allows the vessel to navigate deep or shallow water without any turbulence.

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