UT Tyler professor collaborates with genetic ancestry company on new discovery

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Joshua Banta, PhD, associate professor of biology at the University of Texas at Tyler collaborated with the genetic ancestry company ADNTRO to create a picture of global genetic diversity to help clients understand how they fit into the world.

Banta said the “Ancestral Shape” module creates graphs of global genetic diversity and shows the client precisely how they fit together.

“Well, how does that compare to a person from East Asia for example? Well it turns out that a person from East Asia is not 100% East Asian and a person from Europe is not 100% European because of migration. human, ”Banta said.

ADNTRO sells home DNA ancestry kits to those who are curious about their genetic makeup and predisposition in areas such as nutrition, sports, health, personality and aging. This module opens a new window to compare your genetic percentages where you come from and which of this population follows suit.

CEO Morgan Monzon found Banta on YouTube and wanted to collaborate to integrate his expertise and provide a bridge overseas. Monzon said the modules are user friendly.

Professor Banta shared a YouTube video showing people how they can upload their own genetic data anonymously and try the Ancestral Shape module for free.

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