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For many, science is a matter of prepared methodology, facts and results. But this view of the field ignores the remarkable breakthroughs and inventions that have been derived from fortuitous events or seemingly everyday experiences.

From the mathematics of the Archimedes’ tub to the apples affirming the gravity of Isaac Newton, the eureka moments provided the scientific industries at large with the breakthroughs that today underpin our understanding of the world.

Today, as scientific innovations in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry continue to evolve at a staggering rate, companies are taking a closer look at how they approach discovery and spark innovation.

The eleventh digital supplement, developed in collaboration with Notch Communications and World of chemistry, celebrates those very important light bulb moments. Here, we’ll explore the process of scientific discovery and present the untold stories behind exciting breakthroughs and life-saving innovations.

In this supplement, our partners at Thermo Fisher Scientific examine the development of peptones in response to trends and challenges in bioprocessing. Umicore tells us about the invention of a pioneering class of phosphine ligand with higher activity than others on the market. Dr Ehrenstorfer details the key moments that led to the development of a pesticide solution to meet the challenges of the industry. Finally, Life Science Integrates highlights the essential role of communication with employees and patients to enable discoveries in the pharmaceutical industry.

This collection emphasizes the importance of innovation in industry. Currently, the industry is particularly focused on how to develop the right environment or the right relationships to foster new ideas. In addition, it will continue to examine how companies are changing their approach to innovation. Our upcoming twelfth digital supplement will examine how scientists are developing tools and solutions to tackle the greatest challenges of our time. If you have a story to tell, contact us.

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