Which reusable shopping cart should I buy?

Reusable baskets

Increasingly, consumers are choosing reusable baskets over paper and plastic bags. It’s a green decision with a few other benefits to boot.

Simply put, reusable baskets make it easy to pack and transport groceries. They are structured and sustainable, without forgetting that they are now a profitable investment. In the past two years, some retailers have started charging customers for single-use paper and plastic bags.

Ready to switch to reusable baskets? Use the tips in this buying guide to get started.

What should I know about reusable baskets?

Reusable shopping baskets vs reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping baskets generally have a rigid structure with more than one hard side. Reusable shopping bags, on the other hand, are gentle on all sides.

Because shopping carts are structured, they are more effective at preventing content from being overwritten. Unfortunately, since reusable bags are somewhat flabby, it’s easy to end up with damaged or jostled groceries.

Another difference between baskets and reusable bags is the price. It’s relatively easy to snag half a dozen reusable shopping bags for under $ 10. Many reusable baskets, on the other hand, can cost $ 10 each.


Reusable shopping baskets have comparable capabilities to traditional grocery baskets. In addition to a gallon of milk, you can fit a combination of cans, fruits and vegetables, or baby products.

giant tote baskets

That said, there is no standard capacity for reusable baskets. Some consumers opt for smaller ones, claiming that they are easier to transport. Others prefer giant tote baskets so they can carry their groceries indoors or climb stairs in fewer trips.


Reusable baskets start at $ 7 for a single pop-up basket, although you can find sets with three or more baskets for under $ 20. More sturdy or specialty baskets cost between $ 15 and $ 35 each.

Types of reusable baskets

If you’re not sure what kind of reusable basket you should buy, here’s a look at the popular types:

Market baskets

The market baskets are modeled on the grocery baskets. They have a box-shaped design with one or two handles. They are popular for short trips, including those to farmers’ markets. However, since the baskets in the market are well made with complex or structured designs, they tend to be expensive.

ADK Market Basket

If you are looking for a durable yet lightweight market basket, ADK Market Basket is a solid choice. It folds flat for storage and can hold up to 30 pounds of groceries.

RSVP International Collapsible Market Basket

Another popular option is RSVP International Collapsible Market Basket, which has an aluminum frame. The handle is covered with soft foam rubber which is comfortable to hold in your hand or on your elbow.

Foldable baskets

Collapsible shopping baskets are considered a convenient option because they fold up for easy storage.

Creative Green Life Resistant Bags

Bins are the most affordable type of collapsible baskets. Creative Green Life Resistant Bags and Earthwise Foldable Shopping Bags are sold in sets of three for less than $ 30. They are ideal if you are on a budget and want to invest in multiple reusable baskets.

CleverMade Plastic Grocery Baskets

Plastic collapsible baskets tend to be more expensive, although they often have a longer lifespan than fabric baskets. They are also easier to clean. CleverMade Plastic Grocery Baskets are made from dense polypropylene and can support up to 22 pounds.


Some consumers appreciate the easy portability of utility carts, also known as personal carts. They support greater weight capacities and can eliminate the need to use shopping carts.

Winkeep Jumbo Basket

Winkeep Jumbo Basket is a traditional utility cart with an additional rear basket to hold smaller items. It can support up to 330 pounds and is easy to fold and open.

VersaCart Transit utility cart

VersaCart Transit utility cart is a lightweight alternative to heavier, all-metal shopping carts. Instead, it has a folding steel frame with a polyblend canvas bag. It supports up to 120 pounds.

Isothermal containers

In addition to regular reusable shopping baskets, many consumers are investing in insulated bins, which effectively regulate the temperature of hot and cold foods.

Earthwise Reusable Insulated Nylon Tote

Earthwise Reusable Insulated Nylon Tote, for example, has thermal insulation. It has a waterproof PEVA liner and a water resistant denier shell. The tote also features extra long polythene straps for shoulder carrying.

Wheeled bags

Given their unique designs, roller bags deserve an honorable mention. These two-in-one bags hang from shopping carts around the store and easily transfer to your vehicle when you go.

Lotus trolley bag

Lotus Rolling Bags are one of the best selling sets in this category. They are designed to be compatible even with extra-large shopping carts, and the set comes with a cooler bag. Each bag can hold up to 50 pounds of groceries.

Woven baskets

Some traditionalists prefer the aesthetic of woven baskets. Besides having great appeal, many of these baskets are durable and last for years of use.

Vintiquewise rectangular basket

The back design of the Vintiquewise rectangular basket remains a favorite among consumers. In addition to a waterproof coating, the basket has a pair of folding handles and a durable gingham liner.

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