Why You Should Think Twice Before Throwing Out Cereal Boxes

Cereal box cardboard is a great base material for projects like gift tags, bookmarks, business cards and postcards. You don’t have to throw them away. Think twice before spending a lot of money on printing costs for business cards. Besides being a fun little project that will really get you thinking about how you want to make a first impression, business cards made from cereal boxes also let people know that you’re passionate about reusing (via DIY & Crafts).

If you’re a reader, you probably understand the frustration of having another bookmark misplaced somewhere around the house. Cereal boxes can come to your rescue here. All you’ll need is a hole punch, a pair of scissors, some ribbon, and any type of decorative material you like (paint, patterned paper, or markers), according to Family Focus Blog. Cut out strips of cardboard, decorate them and punch a hole at the top. Pass a ribbon over it and you’re done. Make a whole batch and put them in holders (made out of cereal boxes) around your house – a great idea to make sure you never run out of bookmarks.

Gift tags are another product we spend unnecessary dollars on during the holidays. Cereal boxes are a great material for cute little gift tags that you can decorate however you like, according to One Good Thing.

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