World’s first integrated NFT design lab launched

Global animation leader Toonz Media Group and GuardianLink are jointly launching the world’s first integrated NFT design lab specializing in advanced non-fungible tokens for bespoke digital assets.

Award-winning studio Toonz, with a heritage spanning more than two decades and over 100 original animated IPs to its name, ventures into the NFT space with a one-of-a-kind NFT design lab.

Toonz NFTLabs will provide integrated services to artists, designers, collectors, athletes and brands to create organized digital assets and NFTs representing them, according to a statement.

Toonz NFTLabs, in partnership with GuardianLink, will specialize in the creative and technological aspects of the NFT generation, including conceptualization, development, character design, asset modeling and design as well as smart contract generation for NFTs, he said.

With over 1000 designers and technologists from Europe and Asia, the NFT lab will offer services such as creative storyboarding and conceptualization, 2D character design and digital asset development with smart contract attributes, 3D design and modeling, gamification, automatic smart contract generation, the metaverse immersion model. , and the incubation lab for emerging artists.

The lab will also offer leading IP partnerships for TV properties, film properties, games and metaverse. Developed using some of the most advanced technologies such as the Somorphic NFT Framework, these NFTs will be designed and generated randomly using smart contracts on the Ethereum, Polygon or Solano blockchains, he said. .

GuardianLink will also provide a branded marketplace and launching pads for creators, brands and athletes / celebrities who wish to launch their own independent NFT destinations for auction and trade integrated with third party exchanges.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are blockchain-based digital certificates that certify that the digital asset linked to them is unique and not interchangeable. NFTs can represent photos, videos, audio, or any type of digital file.

They are now widely used to purchase and validate ownership of digital artwork, collectibles, in-game assets, memes, and more, the statement added.

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